Thursday, 25 August 2016


While I do play Pokemon Go honestly with my main account, I actually felt jealous to those living in urban areas. So, I opened a 2nd dummy account that I instilled with GPS spoofing so that I can go to different urban areas every week. (In case I got banned, the main honest account is safe) I'm a greedy man too, still a mere human.

As of now, the 2nd dummy account nearly surpassed my main account, 3 levels behind. However, I caught more Pokemons in that dummy account. So, this week, I'm spoofing myself being in KL using that dummy account.

And I heard Sunway gonna put lure models this weekend due to Animangaki, thus...

Indirectly, I will attend Animangaki this weekend, via GPS spoofing.

My dummy Pokemon Go avatar only, though. I'll still be stuck in the East side on that day. X'3