Thursday, 18 August 2016


◀ XI ▶

BLEACH manga ends today.

(Despite supposed to be ending on SJ's edition of 22 August 2016)

No matter how suck the final chapter of Bleach might be, it's still sad to see it ends after 15 years...

This is also where I got the Sui Feng persona that I used on my previous blog. Without Bleach, I won't be dragged as an anime fan as I am today.

If the "screw up" on the pairing is on purpose by Kubo-sensei, I applaud him for that.
Time for him to bite the fingers of those people who forces him to shut down this manga.

Nevertheless, Ichigo x Rukia forever. You guys will be missed.
(20 Aug 2001 – 22 Aug 2016)


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