Sunday, 21 August 2016


◀ XIV ▶

In my previous post last Wednesday, I posted up a drawing, and asked all of you to guess what's the story is about. Now, I shall reveal what the story is about. :P

The story is about two girls with different backgrounds, namely Sandra and Lia. Sandra is a student who is good in academics and sports, and also a rich bastard. She has her own circle of friends who loves to bully everyone else who did not reach her standards. One of her regular victims is Lia, a poor girl who did not excel at all, but is a patient girl and has a kind heart.

One day, while walking home from school, Sandra got involved in an accident. The car driver was panicked and his car rolled over Sandra's leg while trying to escape. Lia saw Sandra screaming in pain and helped her by calling the ambulance and sending her to the hospital.

The doctor then told that Sandra's legs are paralyzed and she can only move around using wheelchairs. Sandra was very sad, but luckily Lia was on her side to calm her down. Sandra apologized to Lia, which she accepted, and became good friends.

All of Sandra's friends left her due to her disability, and along with Lia, Sandra has now also became the bully's victim...

Quite dark for a children's story, eh? :P


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