Monday, 8 August 2016


◀ I ▶

Whew, that's one hell of a long period of re-genesis. I thought of resetting it on midnight yesterday, but looks like the fatigue takes the toll on my body. So, I decided to make little tweaks instead before officially launching this third blog of mine. ^^"

Anyways, I hereby welcome all of you to my 3rd blog, where I will post any random thoughts about the day. This time, I'm gonna really aim that I will be able to post at least once a day on this blog, and once again, I'm taking this challenge to see if I stick to my words. The posts would be either long or short, depending on my free time, and the mood on the day I post it.

I purposely choose today's date since 8 is my favourite number. 8th August 2016, when written in short form (08.08.16), would actually make it looks like 8+8=16. Pretty smart eh? XDD

Anyways, as I'm now lazy to thought of the title, I decided to name my post according to the post number. Since this is the first post, thus the name shall be "one", followed by "two", "three" and so on. Like I said in my motto above, "just keep it simple". (Also adding the Roman numerals for each post number to make it look more interesting.) Not to mention that the whole blog is filled with blue colour and Umi Sonoda since... She's my current waifu. X'3

Hopefully I can achieve back what I failed to do in 2015, and I'm gonna ensure myself to stay active on this blog, and keep all of you updated! ^^

Expected to achieve on 7th August 2017.

Still a long way to go. Let's do this.

See ya all again tomorrow! ^_^


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