Sunday, 14 August 2016


◀ VII ▶

Phew, it's finally one week eh? Time sure flies fast.

Anyways, I was too tired to post last night, so I'll go for the details in this post. ^^

Tired of seeing nothing but clear grass whenever I play Pokemon Go in my area, I decided to step up and go to the neighbouring town of Sibu to catch some more Pokemon, and reload my Pokeballs at the Pokestops while I'm at it. Since there is no single Pokestop in my area, it was my best chance to do the refills.

Felt like Criss Angel for a moment.
BTW, I have to go through a ferry, which explains why I'm on water.

Caught this when I was having breakfast at town.
I finally see Pokestops and Gyms! *w* 

As I entered the town, I got up to Level 4 quick by catching 2 Pokemons. And after lots of walking and catching Pokemon on the way, I finally reached Level 5.

Now, time to find a gym.

And here comes the moment of truth...

The toughest choice for every Pokemon Go player...

If you look at the colour of my blog, you surely know which team I'm gonna pick. :P


The journey continues the whole day, until it's time to part.

Back to the place of only grassy areas... X'3

Will come back again soon!

That's all ~ Gotta catch 'em all now! XDD


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