Wednesday, 24 August 2016


◀ XVII ▶

After lots of procrastination, I finally begin to start watching Summer 2016 anime. It's really hard trying to payback by watching over 80++ episodes, but hopefully I can finish 'em all up before the Summer season ends.

First off, I decided to chiong on watching "orange". Heard that it's one of the best selling manga, I proceed to queue the current 8 episodes up to my list. By the first episode, it seems the main character is assigned a task by her future self who is 10 years ahead, to change all the decisions made in order to life the regrets she is having in the future. Talking about regrets, I actually start to thought if I can also write a letter back to my 16-year old self, and change all the decisions that I made back then. (Such coincidence, since the future self is currently 26, which is the same age as mine) =P

If I were to write a letter to my past self, there are lots of decisions that I wanna change. From relationships, studies, as well as my commitment, all those decision-changing might be able to change whatever condition that I have now. I do have lots of regrets on what I did in the past, but changing the past won't make whoever we have today. Sure, we may have some good things coming, but as how the way life goes; there's always ups and downs in life. Even if we gain something, we will eventually lose something.

Well, I always wonder if life has the Save or Load button, but oh well.

Life must go on. :P


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