Tuesday, 23 August 2016


◀ XVI ▶

Today, CF committee had revealed the pricing ticket for Comic Fiesta for this year.

And some people be like...

 "Walao eh! CF ticket this year RM50 oh! Who ask you do at PTWC leh? Very KNS sia... All Najib fault la, price hike here, hike there!"

While at the same time you manage to afford buying a Grande cup of Starbucks every single day, which costs about 30-40% of the CF ticket.

Seriously, cheapskates everywhere... It's good already that CF ticket is still under RM100, which is the bare minimum ticket price of overseas events. Even starting now, you can save at least RM1 a day, and by mid-October, you would have got RM50 already. Simple as that. Save 50 sen per day also can, that will take 100 days. Still not too late, coz the 100 Day countdown hasn't started yet ~

If you want it, earn it. Don't complain loudly like an empty can.


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