Wednesday, 10 August 2016


◀ III ▶

Today, I have quite a long lecture with my class.

When I entered the class this morning, the class monitor instantly lodged a complaint to me. It seems that, during my absence on Monday and Tuesday, several students who are supposed to be on duty that day are slacking. The class monitor persuaded them to do it, but the students refuse to listen.

And so, there begins my lecture. I called out those students reported by the class monitor, and indeed, they are the ones who were supposed to be on duty for those two days. I then started to tell them a story:

"Your mom was cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly, the cooking gas exploded and you all ran away from the house. The explosion caused your house to be on fire. You guys were safe, except for your mom who is still trapped in the kitchen.

So tell me, who would you call in this situation?"

They answered, "The firefighters of course."

"Yeah, the firefighters. You tried calling them, but they answered that they don't want to put out the fire at your house. They said that they are very lazy to do it today.

Now that the firefighters refuse to do it, who're you gonna call?"

They answered, "The villagers. Shout at them for help."

"Right. You tried calling the villagers. But none of the villagers want to help you. They said that it's none of their business, and it's not their responsibility to save your mom. Your family's business is only for yours to handle.

So, who do you gonna call now?"

Some of them started to cry when I asked that. Kids' instinct, when one of them cried, the others followed too.

"You see, if everyone abandons their responsibility, then who will be able to help you when you need it? Just like the story just now, if the firefighters doesn't want to do their duty to rescue and put out the fire, as well as the villagers to do their best to save your house and your mom, then who will?

Same as your class. If no one wants to be on duty, then who will help to keep the class in order? It doesn't have to be the class monitor who is 100% in charge of your class. Each one of you has a duty to keep it clean and orderly. So, my advice is, don't try to run away from your responsibility in the class, because if you do, your class might end up really messy.

Now, go apologize to the class monitor. And promise me not to slack from your duty again."

So that ends my lecture, the students made up, and the lesson continues.

I may not be a pro motivator, but at least I can give simple advice for the kids to remember. ^^


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