Tuesday, 9 August 2016


◀ II ▶

I just came back from a two-day course on tech-related stuffs for school. It was totally a hectic day, so I'm going to make this short, since I feel really tired right now.

During the course, I met this fellow teacher who is also an anime fan. We had a long chat after the course ended, and he suddenly pointed out something that I relate so much.

"We are given lots and lots of responsibilities, and they grow by each day. Even if we finally done all the works in school, there seem to be not enough time for me to watch anime. Because we are also preoccupied with the mobile games. For example, I'm also following the trend of Pokemon Go, as well as Girls X Battle (GXB). I played on two servers on GXB, so I really have a lot of work there.

If I were to quit on any of those games, it will waste all the effort and time put into the game. So, if I were to keep active on the games, it would leave me less time with anime..."

Somehow, what he said happens to me too. Like how I juggled with four games instead of two, with JoJo Stardust Shooters and Love Live SIF as the extra. However, the only difference is, I rarely spend my time in JoJo SS since it is quite slow over here, as well as Pokemon Go, since there are barely any Pokestops here.

As for LLSIF and GXB, I tried to set my limit to 3 sessions daily, morning, afternoon and night. In other words, instead of playing more time there, I only spend like 20-30 minutes for each session using up the whole LP / Stamina, while letting it recharge as I'm inactive from it. It's pretty convenient, as I can still enjoy my anime while letting the game charges it's LP / Stamina. ^^

Feel free to follow this tip if you are a busy working man like me. =P

Oops, did I say I wanna make this short? Wow, seems I talked too much lol XDD

Time to hit the sack. Eyes so sleepy already. See ya ~


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