Saturday, 3 September 2016



Already gone to the clinic, and luckily that my cough is not that bad. Just that I need to drink lots of water, and avoid drinking too much cold drinks...

However, the doc was so concerned about my blood pressure. She kept asking me if I took any medicine related to blood pressure, or if any of my family members were affected by it. She was clueless when I said "No" to all of them, until she pointed out a question about my work.

Then, she asked me if I had lack of sleep recently, I nodded. On two recent visits to the clinic, both my blood pressure shoot up as high as 180/100 mmHg. This time, once again I almost hit the same mark, with 170/100 mmHg... She recommends me to avoid staying up late, and go to sleep early within this one month, and do another checkup to see if it managed to reduce my blood pressure...

So this means, no more midnight anime time for me. X'3

I gotta take care of my health from now on... TuT


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